Father's Day

happyfathersday Especially for Dad!

Our Dad's are pretty special, so this coming Sunday is a great time to share with them how important they are to us. They teach, love, support and yes, even sometimes scold us, and they deserve this special day for us to show our appreciation to them for all they do! If you're not sure about what to give him, we have some creative ideas that might help! 

The Fisherman - Fill a tackle box with fishing lures and bobbers, and then fill it up with his favorite candy like licorice and salt water taffy.

The Grillmaster - Get him a new grill and have him open it to find his favorite grilling utensils with some potatoes and corn on the cob and a couple of new recipes to try.

The Movie Buff - How about a popcorn bowl filled with his favorite movie from our movie kiosk and some movie candy and popcorn?

The Sports Fan - Buy a duffle bag and fill it with ball park snacks like peanuts, caramel corn, popcorn and a few cans of his favorite beer.  

The Computer Wizard - Pick up a portable file container and fill it with his favorite beverage, chips, and one of the gift cards you can purchase from our store.

The Gardener - A pail with new gardening tools and gloves filled with some cans of lemonade and cookies from our bakery for that much needed break after all that hard work!

Whatever you do for Dad, he's sure to love it!

Car Wash Season


Support Our Local Youth!

Did you know Almsted's has it's very own car wash? It may not look like this one (beause we don't own any elephants), but we do have many local youth that come to our south parking lot each weekend to raise money for their groups. If you're out and about, come get your car washed and show your support!

Graduation 2019

Graduation Party Planning


Are you getting ready to plan your graduate's party, it's just around the corner. Call 763-537-4551 and ask for Ann, our Deli Manager. She will help you with your menu and have some great suggestions for pre-made party platters and salads. Don't forget to order your cake, cupcakes, cookies and buns from our bakery. Go to our Party Planning Page and Graduation Time Pinterest board for great inspirations and tips.

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Summer Is Here!

 Visit our Pinterest_Logo_small.png page for ideas on how to make the most out of your summer! Whether it be cleaning, gardening, summer fun and activities, great grilling hacks or tasty summer recipes, we have it all! Summer sure got here quickly. It's already time for grad parties and making plans for Father's Day.

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