Meat Department

Simple is Best

Sometimes simple is best. No need to take hours preparing and cooking your ribs. An easy yet succulent way to eat country-style pork ribs is to broil them in the oven. Place ribs on the top part of a lightly oiled broiler pan. Be sure to put an inch of water in bottom part of broiler pan to catch meat drippings. Plus, steam from the water will help cook the meat. Next, sprinkle ribs with some seasoned salt and broil the ribs on low. When they turn gray (about 10-15 minutes), flip them over dust on a little more seasoned salt and broil for about 7-10 minutes more. Keep an eye on them, as it is easy to burn your meat under the broiler.  This is such an easy and surprisingly tasty recipe that it will become a regular meal in your household.